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30 Seconds GO! is a heavy mathcore band from Maine, USA. Combining mathcore with undertones of deathcore, djent, and metalcore. Using as many instruments as possible, 8 string guitars, 7 string bass guitars, synthesizers, multiple vocalists, and anything else that you can imagine. The style is heavy, chaotic, and all around fun. 

The band was formed back in 2009, and had a short run. In very early 2011 the band went on hiatus due to life changes. Laying dormant for almost 10 years, it wasn't until 2019 that the band got a new breathe of life, and became active again. The band made some changes in the lineup of members upon reforming in 2019. 

30 Seconds GO! mission is to make music for everyone to enjoy. Working with other musicians, artists, and producers, incorporating as many styles, using as many instruments as possible, to writing the music, executing the music, and mixing it all to sound the best, so that 30 Seconds GO! is able to be the best band they can be. Playing shows, making friends, good music, and having a good time is what the band is all about.  




Dalton - Vocals

Caleb - Guitar/Bass

Brandon - Guitar

Brandon - Drums

Bobby - Vocals/Synth

30secondsgo@gmail.com (Bobby Turcotte)